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The key sequences are as follows: Value for Day of the Week 33 Table To read a binary value on the keypad sum the values represented by each LED that is on, as shown in Table 1. IDS User Manual 28 pages. Output Type Panel prog.

ids816 user manual

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IDS 816 Installer Manual

Page 39 Disable keypad fire reporting code Enable keypad medical manuall code Disable keypad medical reporting code Enable keypad lockout reporting code Disable keypad lockout reporting code Enable access reporting code Disable access reporting code Default values are shaded IDS I Issued September Enter the number of minutes the clock will offset – Valid range 0 to Refer to table 9. Event Driven Programmable Outp Page 44 If an instant zone is violated during this period, an alarm condition will immediately be registered.

The trouble condition can be viewed by holding down the mnaual key for one second.

ids816 user manual

To read a binary value on the keypad sum the values represented by each LED that is on, as shown in Table 1. Table 10 contains a list of standard default Contact ID reporting codes.


Page 43 This option allows the user an audible confirmation that arming or disarming of the panel has occurred. Connection Diagram and familiarise yourself with the following sections. For both main categories, clear visual keypad prompts are provided which aid the programming process.

Page 25 Provided the back up battery is in good condition, short AC power failures will not affect userr functioning of the alarm system. Ids Remote Receiver AC power.

Page 50 for 1 am, for example. The table below summarises the partition specific events that can be assigned to the outputs.

IDS User Manual

It has two partitions and can be expanded to sixteen zones. Page of 64 Go. Also See for User manual – 32 pages User manual – 28 pages. Comments to this Manuals Your Name: Page 21 A, i.


System Programmable Outputs Idd816 these events, only a single digit code need be programmed. These locations allow the installer to configure the user code properties. Page 5 Table 8: Factory default values will now be restored to all locations and all attached keypad IDs will be defaulted. Connection Diagram Page 9.


ids816 user manual

Like IDS products easy to understand. Page 36 to Function Driven Programmable Outputs 31 Table 9: Output Type Panel prog.

IDS 816 User Manual

Communicator Options Reports to secondary number only after failing on attempting the primary number. Installer Options For the detailed operation of this switch, refer to Section 3: The AWAY indicator will turn off.

The keypad will remain locked for the time programmed in location Phone number 1 is to be dialled as follows: Telephone Number Storage Locations If enabled, Auto Pickup will pick up the line after the number of rings programmed into location