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Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. They also offer more custom PSX support, as popsloader is supported. It offers support for the 1. Took for awhile but now I got almoust perfect version, only glitch comes after arcade mode, you need to smash start button after winning the 2nd form of ogre to avoid crashing. This allowed to choose through an easy menu, depending on the game to emulate, which version of the inner emulator POPS use. How to easily use PopsLoader. PBP and rename xxx.

popsloader easy installer 6.60

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PSP Custom Firmware Guide | – The Independent Video Game Community

Also this CFW is one of the few 6. Any answers to this and additional tips would be greatly appreciated!

popsloader easy installer 6.60

Available CFW’s, main differences, pros and cons and even screenshots Albeit broken right now0, perfect! It contains the usual set of features of a custom firmware like native ISO loading, plugin support, recovery menu, vsh menu etc.

This option is not available due to Sony using a new signature key for 6. Hi Platt, Yes – it is absolutely possible to have Tekken 3 on 6.

PSP Custom Firmware Guide

How big is your popsloader folder? Separate names with a comma. Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for. Feb 20, United States. These firmwares, has native iso loading support, plugin supportcustom PSX support, recovery menu etc. Tutorial written by kakarotto and Dragon Chan for Go! Page 1 of 2. When i run the game it starts and I’m able to choose which cfw i wanna use or orginal from the flash easg holding r-button but when it gets to PS1 screen it freezes, and there is the problem.


PRO isn’t unstable, infact ME is the “testing” branch of the 6.

[PSP TUTORIAL] How to install Popsloader on m cfw – video dailymotion

Also due to it being popsloadeg, many existing PSP devs have joined in the developement of PRO cfw, and now is actively developed with many new features being integrated eg. Since you mentioned having a keys. Your name or email address: Loghi, documenti e immagini contenuti in questo Sito appartengono ai rispettivi proprietari, e sono resi pubblici sotto licenza Creative Commons.

So I got psp phat with CFW 6. Log in or Sign up. This is used because these new PSP models, patched the pre-ipl exploit, rendering the old method of full custom firmware not possible. PBP and rename xxx.

popsloader easy installer 6.60

You must log in or sign up to reply here. I cant get past that and when i run with some other than orginal from the flash it just crashes.

Apparently it’s on the EU store only, but if you have the Popspoader version it doesn’t even need popsloader at all.


This CFW is currently the only 6. I’m not interested in dumping something I don’t already own and really don’t want to have to buy it again.

[PSP TUTORIAL] How to install Popsloader on 5.00m33-6 cfw

Computer Games and General Discussion. This allowed to choose through an easy menu, depending on the game to emulate, which version of the inner emulator POPS use. There are few advantages to these firmwares, which are said to be based off the M33 CFW. Thanks again bud, please update your links to images if possible.

popsloader easy installer 6.60

To use one or the other pops, and then to display the menu of choice, you have to hold the R button when you boot one of your PS1 jnstaller ’till the menu appears. There is little difference between the 6. ShinRyouma Feb 14, In order to install this firmware, the user’s PSP usually must already be on a Homebrew Enabled Environment or in an existing custom firmware.

If you want more information about the compatibility list you can jump to Gamepresswhere you’ll find the settings to get to work the most of your favorite game.