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Teresita grabbed a Kleenex from her coat pocket and wiped her tears. But he reached into his pocket and gave her everything he had. I know you can. She noticed how gentle his eyes were. Kushman stared at her, his eyes filling with tears, as he pushed down his blankets.


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All you have to do is let us rumbaotne up your IV and, in a couple of days, you can go home. Let me tell you a story. Mary Alice stood from her chair. But he won’t take the needle. The Angel of Death? She stood again and Mr. Kushman was staring at her now, the blue eyes electric and very alive. She took his wrist and felt his pulse. You are my best Christmas gift of all. But it’s the little things that count. The door to Room was slightly ajar when Teresita knocked. Soon the bus came and took them to the hospital, and the woman ran into the emergency room with her baby.


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And especially not in Room He must have lost it in an accident of some kind. Five patients in all. She was one of the best and most experienced nurses at the hospital. Kushman nodded, his eyes still fixed on her.

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I’ve got extra blankets on him. Teresita bit her lip.

His gray head was propped on pillows, but the rest of his body, up to his bulbous Adam’s Apple, was sheathed in layers of white blankets. He was thin and frail well beyond his 62 years.


This was not why they had gotten into the profession. The old man stared at the ceiling, swallowing between quick breaths. Now can I report to my shift?

After all these years, and here you are. You won’t take your medicine.

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I know you can. The tube dangled with nowhere to go. So the young man pulled at her purse — pulled until the strap broke, and then he ran. The two nurses stared at each other a moment. You have a very treatable form of pneumonia, Mr. Kushman was beaming at her with pride and rumbatome, as though he had made her what she was. And then he just walked away.


Not a good start. You dear, dear, dear man. Teresita reached over and enveloped the old man in a hug.